October 13, 2008


“Do a same work at a same time at a same place with same members.”

Same work:

Case study, Individual Assignment, Group Project, Interviews, Blogging, Monitor a website, Social Networking, Shooting Video, Family Day, Dinner, Talk, Seminar, Visits, Resource Centre Project, NCWO logo competition,

Same time:

Everyday B4 and after class including Saturday and Sunday..
From the early morning until night we have to settle it.

Same places:

Bilik study, Resource Centre, Cafe, Seksyen 7, Baiduri, Hakim Restaurant, NCWO company at Petaling Jaya, Bilik Mesyuarat, DKA2, Pantai Remis, J.W. Marriotte Hotel, Pavilion, KLCC, MINDEF, Perception Management..

Same members:

sue, yan, fydah, zul, lobo, nadiah,
aishah, min, ida, abg setia, aur, zack, famy,
murni, anis, kak jue,
farah, fiqah, amanda, husna, niza,
mek, eita, julia, wani, kay, kak amni, mira, ct maisarah.

“Are we having all above activities in the future again?
Life in the university is totally different from the school environment.
Even somehow we having a conflicts, tired, frustrated, angry, sadness, give up, but the relations that we had maintain it is more important then others.”