September 13, 2008


When I think about him, its such like I want to kiss and hug him very much.. For me, he got a very cute face and also for the people who are look at him. He got a really circle eyes and it shows that he more been attracted for all.

Him name is Putra Indra. Now, he was 1 and half years old. Last night we were make a video call together. What makes me surprised, he kissed the phone (kiss me when he look at my face) for a long time. Somehow, one thing about him that I can’t forget it was when he wakes up in the early morning mostly at 7 a.m., he walked slowly go to my room, shouted and knocked my door until I open it, just for him to see and kiss me every morning.

Ermm.. I' m really miss him but there are a lot of characteristic about him that I can’t list down here. I always spend my time with him and being together with Putra was a sweet memory that I can’t forget it forever and ever.

That was a Putra picture. So, what do you think?